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Default Re: *help Me Please I Dont No What To Do*

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please some1 tell me, ive never bn in this situation before, i was too young last time, i didnt think he would, why am i so fucking stupid, patheic bitch, please some1 help me, my cousin, he stayed over last night, he got drunk, i dont think he remembered but i sure as hell do, he raped me, more than one, and to make it that much worse, he was unprotected, what should i do, i wanna get out of this house, hes left now, but i fell sick, and so dirty, im hateing my self right now, should i go to the doctor, get the morning after pill? i could walk there, im so scared, do i need my mom to get it? i could get my bf to drop me off later but i dont want him to no, oh fuck ive ruined everything :'( please help im desperate, i dotn no what to do
Remeber me? i hav the same prob. 2 but my cuz has moved and probably won't ever see him again hopefully! All u have 2 do is threaten to tell, believe me it worked!! I give u my best wishes
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