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hi kurlyopapa, im kinda guessing ur a girl, sorry cant b bothered to cheack ur profile, but neways, huni i reli dont think this is a good idea, how old is your cousin? please try to stop it, my cousin forces me to do those things, and it reli hurts me that you chose to do it, when i struggle so hard not to, sorry didnt mean to go into me, anyway he is your cousin, your family, your related, if your brother saw that makes it even worse, and the fact that he wanted to try should make u want to stop shouldnt it, please try to stop and find smeone else for yourself, who you are not related, how old are you as well? im sorry this just reli gets to me, i guess i just dont understand why u would chose to do that sorry if ive come across rude, im not trying to be, im just confused and slightly upset by what u say, anyways cya hun xoxo
I don't want to do it he makes me too!!!!! He was here when i wrote it and he made me to see wat u peoplez say, hes not here now though i WILL try to make him stopo any who hes moving to New York Thank god