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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

"I am feeling so antsy right now," I said, bobbing up and down on my heels. "Gennadius, Matthias? Please hurry and get all their chips out. I have a feeling that we're gonna run into our captors if we don't get moving!" I felt so nervous at that point, though I didn't know why… well, besides that our lives were at risk, for Pete's sake, but besides that, I couldn't describe my emotions.
They un-chipped Shyam and Ham's chips first, and Ro and Iris held the younger kid's hands while they were un-chipped.
"See? It only hurts for a second," Iris comforted the pouting Giggles. Standing next to Iris, Ceil checked his watch. He muttered a curse under his breath and coughed. Like magic everyone turned their gaze to him all at the same time.
"It's 6:30," he stated simply. Gennadius', Matthias', Iris', Ro's, and my hairs all stood up on the back of our necks.
"…so?" said Ham.
"To put it simply," began Matthias, but I cut him off.
"You only have about thirteen minutes to live!!"
"EVERYONE RUN!" screamed Uma. Ro hugged her gently from behind, giving me a sarcastic "Thanks for that" sarcastic look.
"No! We need a plan," snapped Ham, his gaze remaining on me. I bit my fingernails, not ACTUALLY KNOWING that everyone began to look at me. I noticed pretty delayed… and I didn't get it at first.
"Yes?" I asked politely, like a waiter. Little Giggles, smart aleck in the making, tapped her foot at me.
"Would you like some clippers?" she offered sarcastically with cool venom. I was actually impressed and wanted to laugh, though of course I didn't, having enough common sense to know it was inappropriate at the time. I couldn't think fast enough to come up with something like that until I was twelve! Such talent.
My eyes widened. Talent! I didn't even know what most of their talents were!
"I know this isn't the right time, but… can you guys all show me what you can do?"

You know what? For as much time as I had spent with them, I didn’t know all of their powers. I knew Ham’s and Shyam’s, but most of the time I had been with them, I we were here.
Uma shot a glance at Iris who nodded.
“Ok, well…I can run. Really fast. In fact, if I go fast enough, then I’d turn invisible. I haven’t mastered that yet. Or I can get my body moving really fast. That would make me invisible, as well. And…I can go through stuff. Which would be really helpful now, but my chip was still in,” Uma started.
“Yeah, and I’m like Iris. I’m telekinetic. But I don’t know my other power yet. I hope it’s something helpful. I really wanna fight with you guys,” Butch added.
“I can make fire with my mind,” Giggles said sweetly, “Oh, and I can like, make things move. Not like Iris and Butch, but like…only stuff that doesn’t move. And someday, I’ll be able to give them minds of their own.” Ok, a little dark, but still pretty cool.
“Ro, you know that I heal. And of course, force fields,” came from Shyam, “Fin can move water with his mind, and when he touches a book or person, he draws all of the knowledge from them into his brain. He hates it.”
“What about you guys?” Shamus asked, pointing to Ceil’s friends. Gennadius spoke first.
“I have the power to paint something and bring it to life, with or without a canvas. Also, I can travel through shadows,” he explained calmly.
“Shape shifting. And strength,” Ham said tersely.
“Painting? Can you show me that?” Shamus asked. Gennadius gave him an “I really don’t have time for this right now” look, but I don’t think Shamus noticed. Without speaking, he took a paintbrush out of his sleeve and looked into the air. With short, quick strokes, he painted an apple which fell out of the air and into his hand. He tossed it to Shamus, who fumbled with it before catching it.
“I can manipulate electricity and when I touch something with my hands, it turns to stone. It’s why I always wear my gloves,” Matthias said.
“So are we ready to go yet?” Shyam asked impatiently. I cocked my head at him. It was unlike him to be so anxious for something.
“I want to get my brother,” he added. I glanced to Shamus and Iris, my mind sighing.
“We will get out, but I will need everybody’s cooperation. Those who can turn invisible, please do so. Rowina, I would very much like for you to think a disguise for those of us who have none. Ham, you must shape shift to look like a soldier. If we are discovered, we must fight,” Ceil said.
“Wait, who says you give the plan?” Shamus asked indignantly. There was a collective groan in the air from more than just myself.
“Do you know these corridors? Do you yourself have a plan that will help us more? Do you know where you are going?” Ceil asked dangerously, yet calmly.
“Shamus, just go along with it,” I moaned. He crossed his arms and sulked, but obeyed my wish. He wanted out of here just as much as us.
“Gennadius, Matthias and myself will escort three different groups out. We will meet at a predecided spot. I’m not going to tell you, because if I do and you are caught, then Vollmer will make you tell him,” Ceil continued. We were getting out.
Ham and I were to go with Gennadius who would be leading us off the roof. I’ll explain that more later. Uma, Iris, and Giggles went with Matthias, and Shamus, Shyam, and Butch went with Ceil.
And we were off.

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