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Yea, like miguel said, blood doesnt = pain. This blood in paticular is not from a wound, its the lining of your uterus. (Im pretty sure)

Im sure the girls will understand that you havent gotten it yet, although me and my friend sometimes make fun of guys that havent hit puberty yet, we dont mean any of it. I hit it early, but i know that some people hit it late. Just wait, and when you do get it, if your in school..tell a girl you trust, and ask for a pad/tampon to use, i suggest a pad to start off with though. Anyways dont worry, your totally normal, i used to feel like a loser before i hit puberty, i used to look at all these guys with leg hair and mostaches and what not, anyways im rambling again. Oh yea, as for you mum, she will totally understand, i guarantee you that. Good luck
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