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My friends do all sorts of drugs...I can't tell you what all they do because I don't know...Usually it doesn't bother me they know all I do is smoke pot and they don't pressure me into doing more then that.I found out yesterday that a close friend of mine O.D and almost died.I can't remember what she was on..I know it started with a B and I think it was a pill.Anyways...It scares me because I know shes not going to stop.She told me so herself.Another friend of mine took Meth before he went to school yesterday.I spent the whold lunch period keeping him out of trouble because Im the only one he would let around him for some reason.But he snapped and decided he didnt like me in our 6th period class.I came in late and he told me I should kill myself atleast 3 times in front of everyone.I smiled and shruged it off.I know he wasn't really himself but it still hurt ya know...I don't know if I can keep hanging around these sorts of people.I love them dearley but I am going threw alot in my life.Being Bi-Polar and Suicidle I can't be around people who tell me I should off myself even if he didn't really mean it.There could be a day when I really listen to him.I don't want to "ditch" them but I know if I keep hanging around them they will pull me down with them.I don't know what to do...I feel like Im beeing selfish and only thinking of myself.
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