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I quite agree with Anthony, you can’t just dispose a person like that… but if you really care for the friendship of them both you have to be friends with them both, explain them that whatever is in between them both, it’s their problem and not yours and that you’re not gonna be in the middle of it. Besides time has passed maybe the other guys has changed and would get alone with your “best friend” try that first. If not (as I think you might be thinking as you read this) you have to question yourself about the friendship with them both, with whom you’re most comfortable, who can you really trust, who would be there to support you when you are having a bad time, and all those questions that really matters on a friendship, and then decide which of them fulfills most or all of those things (this is kind of bitchy btw, I personally would not do this, but everyone is unique on the way they act and think).
Hope I was helpful in a way.
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