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Default a couple of poems i made.

Tell me something.
Anything that will change the way it is.
Awkward silences are sickening.
And it’s just a routine.
Its simple and dull.
The way your lips are always closed.
Wanting to say something, never saying anything
As u just sit still and zone out.
I can see the anger hidden in your eyes.
But it’s pretty obvious it’s in you.
Just tell me a word, at least a letter
Make my frown into the smile it once was.
Please, I beg you.
Something, tell me something.

[The Lonely And Silent Road]
As I walk the lonely and silent road,
I turn around and see your face,
I fall emotionally,
I stare into those bright brown eyes
to capture a picture in my mind;
that I will always treasure.

As you talk to me,
I see those luscious lips
move with such rhythm,
If only I could touch them,
just once,
just to see how it feels;
Maybe, it will drive me wild.

As I talk and say a joke,
You smile, with such intensity;
You brighten my sight,
The way those luscious lips
move in opposite directions,
creating something so beautiful;
a smile.

As you leave and say goodbye,
My heart drops down to my stomach,
I feel so depressed,
Yet so happy to have seen you,
As I walk the lonely and slient road.

Is like a twisting tornado
You seem to be the only one that doesn’t want to help and turns away
as I’m struggling through the depths of the wind and speed of such an evil beast
It confuses me to know that a person with such ability throws it all away
And as I’m using my last breath of life to scream for help
You just walk away as I’m spinning into the black hole of hell.

let me what you guys think.
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