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Originally Posted by Oby. View Post
I'm Christian, but my views on it are kind of demented. Personally, I think that science and religion play a hand on hand thing, you know?

I mean, I think that God created the big bang. I mean, its not impossible. Even if they do know what triggered the big bang, there will still be more and more questions like, what triggered the trigger, or what created the trigger, and shit like that. And I think the only way to explain that fully with with a god. So I think, just like Melchi0r said, God created the dinosaurs first. He wiped them out, which, you know, he has done before, and decided it was time for humans. I think that Evolution is a load of bull, I mean, hey, if it is proven, then my views might change to Melch's, but until then, I'll believe God created Adam and even and so on so on.

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
-Albert Einstein
Oh Gawd, you sound like me when I was fourteen. Let's see, you are in eighth grade, so you haven't had ninth grade biology yet, so your statements can slide, but look something up before you debase it. Evolution and the theory of natural selection go hand in hand. The theory of natural selection is observable since it deals with genetics, like Sage was saying earlier. The superior genes pass on and that becomes the new stuff. Mutations occur and such, such as humans are being born without wisdom teeth now. There's more to this, but I'm doing something right now, so this should suffice.

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