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Ok this is Depressing its no-where near as bad some of the other cases here but it annoys me.

In year 5 i met a friend and started hanging around him n stuff. The the next year i met 3 new friends they didn't like the friend i met in year 5. (He's Immature) and i started hanging around the 3 new friends and they payed out the guy i met in year 5 (I didn't personally tease him) then came Highschool and we all split-up and we to different schools the guy in year 5 went to my highschool and hes my best friend and next year, one of the guys is coming next year and i have to dump 1 of them they just dont get along like a dog and a mouse im stuck!

It's depressing for me cause i will feel real bad about leaving 1 of them
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