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Originally Posted by Oby. View Post
I mean, I think that God created the big bang. I mean, its not impossible. Even if they do know what triggered the big bang, there will still be more and more questions like, what triggered the trigger, or what created the trigger, and shit like that. And I think the only way to explain that fully with with a god.
Making up an answer is not equivalent to actually answering the question, as Sage said. Besides, if you read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, you'll understand what exactly the Big Bang was (not just an explosion) and why a god may not be necessary at all to explain it (assuming the Universe is spherical, of course).

Originally Posted by Oby. View Post
So I think, just like Melchi0r said, God created the dinosaurs first. He wiped them out, which, you know, he has done before, and decided it was time for humans. I think that Evolution is a load of bull, I mean, hey, if it is proven, then my views might change to Melch's, but until then, I'll believe God created Adam and even and so on so on.
Evolution is an observable process. It has been proven.

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Evolution is not a theory in the sense used on Evolution; rather, it is a fact. This is because the word evolution is used here to refer to the observed process of the genetic composition of populations changing over successive generations. Because this is simply an observation, it is considered a fact.
Originally Posted by Oby. View Post
"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
-Albert Einstein
>implying Einstein wasn't an atheist or at least extremely skeptical

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Yeah, I'd be depressed too if I listened to Chad Kroeger.
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