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Default Re: question for people posting here..

Basically I did publish this threat (Abuse), because I had to get it out of myself… U’ve got no idea of how it is to live with a thing like that kept just for your self (and the ass that did it), it’s sick… that’s why I had such a terrible childhood, and all this stupid depressions now. I hated to have such a thing as a secret, even my parents don’t know about it. But by telling this I’ve been feeling lots better, in fact, by the support that I’ve had by some members I’m starting to get ready to let it go.
Yes I don’t really trust ANYONE, not even myself, specially next to sharp things (I haven’t cut myself for 2 years now)… to tell you the truth I don’t know what I was thinking when I posted that, but (as exposed above) it’s all under my control, I don’t have to see your faces while I write about it, and pretty much I avoid the embarrassment.
PS.. thanks Whisper
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