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Default I cut for the first time

About four weeks ago I quit taking my medication and got really depressed. I know it was stupid of me but they don't seem to work. I decided to live with a friend for awhile to get out of my house and try and get things off my mind. I had quit doing my school work a couple of weeks ago and one of my teachers decided to talk to me about it. I told her that I have been diagnosed with bi-polar, that I also have depression pretty badly, and I've been stressed. And that not doing my work has helped the stress to go down. She said to me that she doesn't care about my feelings and that its my job to make her happy. Thats when I grabbed some staples and cut myself 16 times on top of my left hand and left wrist. Its been about a week now and I'm afraid to tell my family. The cuts are almost gone too.
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