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Default Re: can some one please give me some advice

but if im nice to people they say why are you being so nice to me? or people will say "suck up" and "brown noser" and shit like that I have had 3 girlfriends but none of the relation ships lasted very long one Was obsessd with me the other I think pittied me and the last one liked me but we broke up because of lies come to think of It I hooked up with all of them on msn ...... uhh I dont even know what to say about that

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Oh yes it is.
So by your thinking we should let evil sadistic fanatical Islamists run around killing anyone they see. You don't seem to get it that these people WANT TO KILL YOU and anyone else that doesn't believe in their evil religion. I am not even bothering to go on
lolwut? Someone's spoon fed from the media
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