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Default My poem, The Memories

Lol i know it might not be as good as the other stuff that gets posted here but hey, i wrote this as part of my english homework. Tell me what ya think.(im 14 btw)

He wanders the lonely streets of his memeories,
remembering the joy they used to be filled with.
He remembers awakenig at dawn,
the cold blade of frost slicing through him.
But freinds are there to warm him with cheery smiles.

He remembers also the cruel, cold hand of death,
snatching the lives of those most dear at random.
He remembers the terror of the bullets,
the fear of the artillery,
and of what may lie in wait not far ahead.

He remembers long hard fights for success,
and the enemies they had faced together,
only to pull through with fewer companions.
But at the end of his horrid journey he is alone,
and alone for the rest of his days he shall remain.
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