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Originally Posted by Kiros72
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! u have RDRAM?! and its dual freakin channel! AH! u lucky piece of poo! i want it

... uhhh, im kool
UATA drives, nice, but serial ATA are better btw, y is ur SCSI drive so small? do ya jus store ur OS on there?
What's so special about RDRAM? It's only PC600. I need that PC1066 or whatever it is.

I should get a SATA drive, but I haven't gotten around to it. I've been saving up for a new computer.

Why's my SCSI drive so small? Because it's just a drive I got from my computer class last year. And, it's the only SCSI drive I have, so, since it's not IDE, I can use it, since my IDE slots are all filled.

I did use it as a little storage drive. Then, I installed Linux on it, then I installed Longhorn. There's only like 350 meg free with just Longhorn on it.

- Bill
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