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Originally Posted by cosmos
its worse. beer and cigarettes arent illegal, are they?
Whow. You just won the award for dumbest idiot ever.

Alcohol and Tobacoo and legal because if they weren't legal the economy would plummit. Also cannabis cannot be patented, its a plant, so the government cant make much money from producing it.

Studies show that cannabis is less harmful to the body than alcohol. However cannabis is more carinogenic than tobacco, so smoking one joint is actually worse than smoking one cigarette of equivalent proportions.

However when people smoke joints it's usually 1 - 5 maximum. I smoke 10 cigarettes a day even more.

Alcohol can kill your liver, kill you is addictive and thousands of people die from it's use every year.

Cannabis kills no one, except from smoke related illness, but whose to say you can't eat. You cannot Over dose on cannabis, there is no danger to any vital organs when smoking cannabis.

Yes government funded studies are a source of lies.

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