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Default Re: Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

First an answer to the "dog or animal" question
-Dogs aren't capable of accepting a marital contract, they lack the mental capacity, they can't make medical/financial/contractual/etc decisions in place of their spouse (see its reason, not tradition)
I really don't see why you're arguing for polygamy when you think it's morally wrong.
-Why do people who aren't gay support gay marriage?
-Why do people support the right to free speech, even for stances that they see as "wrong" or "unpopular"

-my friend its called FREEDOM, and the freedom to disagree. I can support the freedom of whoever, where ever, and it doesn't make my personal stance on the issue involved.
-I disagree with communism, because I think that it is a practice that inevitably either fails (in a short time) or ends up in dictatorship. So then why don't I want any mention of it to be banned? and anyone who is found to be a communist punished? and one who runs for office as a communist arrested?
--I don't want the things listed because communism isn't really hurting any one, and it would have to be democratically imposed (choice), just like polygamy isn't hurting anyone. (as i described it, not as a male dominated sex slavery type thing) I believe that some ones freedom to do something is more important than my simple disliking or w/e with it, unless it has GOOD reason to be illegal then it shouldn't be illegal.

-Also it counters what I get told every time I hear about same sex marrige.
-People will say that hey "you don't like same sex marriage because your close minded" or "your a christian BIGGOT" or "your a homophobe" or "your just intolerant" or "your just not secure with your sexuality" or W/E

I'm intolerant, prejudgment, or w/e? O.K. fine what do you think about marrige with 3 or more people, where involvement is completely by choice and new partners can only be added if all parties agree?

generally the response that you get gives no reasoning what so ever, but when there are reasons, they look like....
-Thats not what marriage is
-That demeans that true meaning of marriage
-That would do _________ to marriage
-Thats gross
-Thats wrong
-Thats against the bible (still loling)
-Thats not culturally acceptable

the funny thing is that all of these arguments can ALL be used against gay marriage, and the biblical one with a lot more credibility,

finally, it makes the "ur close minded or w/e" person hypocritical, they are not accepting of a group of people that are in love, and are being hampered by the person in questions closmindedness.
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