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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Hello, I am 14. I started masterbating when I was in sixth grade (although then it was mostly just exploration feeling). I have only been able to achieve orgasm once, and only "cummed" twice. One of the times cumming and the only time orgasming were with my mom's vibrator and while having phone sex. Does anyone have any ideas as to how else I can achieve orgasm without the vibrator or the phone sex? Yes, I did wash the vibrator before and after use. I really enjoyed the orgasm (duh), but I know of no way to get ahold of another vibrator. I have tried some household objects, like an electric nail file thing that shakes, electric toothbrush, etc but none work. I know that part of my problem when using vaginal insertion, like with a brush I have (handle, not bristles), that my arms grow tired really fast and I can not continue for very long.

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