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Default Serious Computer Help!!! plz help

Ok look like before my computer was fine and everything was ruinning up to speed. then like my dad went on his accoutn and started deleteing stuff like programs, so then he made only himself an administrator. yet when i make myself an administrator on the computer accounts i can download stuff liek him. and liek whe i go on my dad's account and i download stuff tis fine but when i want to see a youtube video i see this.

so im like wtf!? because before i could see it normaly and i cant see myspace videos either it says i need flash 9.
so when i go on my dad's account and i want to dowbnload it i go on the page....

and ok i click on it and i try to download it and i get this

and i think its doen but when i go on youtube again i get this again!

can soemone help!?
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