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Default Re: Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

It's not a tradition for people to marry their pets so are you going to allow that, too?
I never said that any thing that isn't traditional is right, I'm saying that something not traditional shouldn't be dismissed just because it isn't traditional. Instead you should use reason and try and decide whether it is OK or NOT.

I consider myself to be open minded and open to new things. But just because I disagree with something doesn't make me closed minded either. I believe polygamy destroys the concept of marriage and/or family. It's what I've known and believed to be right.
SO it would destroy the family aye?

In my arguments I'm talking about legality as in the ability to do something legally, thats what this whole argument is, in "reality" I disagree with the morality or w/e you want to call it of polygamy. But what I'm saying is that the right to be able to do something is more important than what its effects are on "the family" as in real life how many polygamist couples do you think that there really would be? Plus doesn't gay marriage also "destroy" the family?

with that same reasoning in mind then shouldn't anything that "destroys" the family be illegal? I don't think that thats very good reasoning to make something illegal. Do you really think that polygamist unions being legal would have that large of effect on "the family" I mean really? is 2 person marriage the only thing that is keeping it from falling apart?
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