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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

I shall talk with Catie about that. My part's kinda long right here:

Uh, Shamus? Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear. Not da Vinci. Sheesh.
So we were in quite a predicament. I stood and stretched my legs and moved to help Iris and Ceil lift Shamus out of the murky water with God only knows what floating around in it. Blood seeped through his wet shirt from the wounds. Iris was beside herself with worry.
“Why isn’t he healing himself?! C’mon, he’s supposed have regeneration-stuff!” I said to no one in particular.
“Perhaps the cause of the injury must be removed before he may begin,” Ceil suggested.
“Ew, that would mean-oh, gross, I don’t wanna poke his intestines around trying to pull bullets out!” I exclaimed.
“I’ve got it,” Iris said short, quietly. She put her hands on Shamus’ chest and closed her eyes, breathing in a slow rhythm. The bullets pulled themselves out of his skin, and she opened her eyes, pressing her palm to her forehead. Suddenly, Shamus’ unmoving form took a deep shuddering breath and sat bolt upright. The wounds in his chest instantly closed, leaving only the blood oh his filthy shirt as a reminder of what had happened.
“Ok, I vote we don’t use me as target practice any more,” Shamus said. Iris looked on the verge of breaking into tears and laughing at the same time. Truthfully, I was just glad that he was alright. Ok, so we don’t always get along. I don’t want him dead or anything like that.
“Wait, where’s Fin?” he asked, glancing around. I looked behind me.
“I could’ve sworn he was just here. That little, traitorous bastard,” I muttered under my breath. Ceil helped Shamus to his feet, and I noticed the murderous look that Shamus gave him.
Oy, something told me things were going to go downhill from here, if that was possible.

I banged my dirty, mucky-haired head against the wall, moaning “Angst! Despair! Sob! Woe is me! I hate myself! Emo tears! All is lost!” Well, not really, but I wanted to.
“That was dumb of me,” I admitted, my eyes nearly welling up in shameful tears. I bowed my head and pretended to wipe grime off my face while I wiped my eyes clean.
“Well… don’t be harsh on yourself,” Iris said supportively. Ro, thank God, had no comment to put in, but I heard Ceil – the wanker- mumble under his breath. I felt pretty awkward up to this point, so I just tried to put it all behind us.
“Who has the map?” I asked, my chest stinging as it regenerated slowly, filling up the bullet wound.
“Me,” responded Ceil. He took it out, popped up the holographic map, inverted it to the underground view, and studied it, switching angles and all that jazz. “Hmm,” he concluded.
“What’s ‘hmm’?” asked Ro.
“We only have about three quarters of a mile.. until we’re right under them,” Ceil informed us.
“Well why are we just standing her socializing?” I muttered irritably, and everyone took that as “Let’s go” and continued down the path. It was really strange, Ro being cocooned in goo, me being shot and healed, and then we just continued on our merry way. On the path down, we were mostly silent, the only noise dripping water and us trudging through the sewage, as well as Ceil telling us where to turn.
About 15 minutes later Ceil ordered us to halt, and he compared maps. “We are under it,” he said solemnly. “It is approximately six-thirty and we it will take a while to infiltrate the H.Q. I say we rest for a couple of hours and then make a plan.”
“Where do we lie down? And I need a shower, bad. I don’t want to fight henchmen and rescue our friends while I smell like… you know.”
“Shamus…,” Ro growled warningly. I knew what she’d wanted to say but wasn’t going to on account of my gun shot wound: “Do you think you’re the ONLY person here who needs a freaking bath?! SHUT UP AND STOP WHINING!”
“There might be a ledge somewhere that’s not totally covered in sewage, where we can lie down,” Iris suggested calmly. “As for a shower-“
“Yeah, it’s not gonna happen,” I sighed.
“Well, there could be a pipe or somewhere that spews out pure, non-crap-filled water,” Iris said.
“No soap or clean clothes,” I countered.
“Ro could-“
“No I couldn’t,” she automatically corrected Iris. “Gooey cocoon?”
“Well, a bar of soap isn’t as big as killing henchmen.” Iris went on patiently.
“I don’t want to take any chances,” Ro urged, with patience.
“Maybe try conjuring up a pebble and see what happens,” Iris mused.
“Like I said before…” Ro said, losing a small touch of patience.
“Whoah, guys!” I butted in. “I don’t want a shower that much if it’s going to start a war.” I skulked, wanting bad to sit down, but my pants were moist enough (Ew, from sewage, not my own pee, you weird readers.)
“Besides, we should spring into action A.S.A.P., seeing as Fin’s already scampered off, probably ratted on us.”
“That he has,” a voice rang out. Everyone inhaled sharply, but I could only say, “OH MY GOD, this is getting totally ridiculous!”
Before any of us could react any further we were all shot in the neck with darts and fell unconscious immediately…
In the morning, well, it might have been morning, we were all woken up by a loud buzzing noise. As soon as I sat up, I noticed where we were: a cell. Apparently after we’d been drugged up we were placed in it. It was padded with nothing but cushiony stuff. Three henchmen entered through a door that I didn’t even notice, as it was cushioned too. I automatically touched my neck… and felt metal. I fell back over again, defeated. They stood over Iris and I, and, get this, removed our chips with strange instruments.
Iris and I pushed ourselves up, ignoring the stinging sensation in the back of our necks. “What’s going on?” we said in accidental unison.
They flattened us down again, the one over me saying, “Hold still.” We couldn’t see what they were doing, but Ro, who was all I could see was curled up in a ball on the floor, her eyes like saucers. The one over Iris explained, “This won’t hurt if you stay calm. We’re going to inject you with a serum. You won’t feel any side effects, so don’t worry.” I felt the needle enter my neck and come back out, and I winced.
Next it was Ceil’s voice I heard. “Matthias! Gennadius! Thank Heaven, you’ve finally switched sides.”
Ro’s mouth fell open as the three grown men shared a group hug. “What’s going on here!?” she exclaimed.
“To put it simply,” said Matthias (the henchman over me), “We used to work with Vollmer. Now we’ve joined the League, where Ceil comes from. There. Now let’s skidaddle.”

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