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Default Re: Tips to help stop

Is it just me or has the edit button gone for my first post hmmm... well i'll just add another comment
I found some more stuff across the internet
Write in a "feeling" journal: Write down all of your feelings and closing the book. This technique allows you to get everything out of your head and move on from those feelings.
Getting out your feelings through exercise not only helps you get exercise but it really does release a lot of tension or feelings you are having. Activities like kickboxing, running, and aerobics are good.
Write, take pictures, paint, draw, or compose music: these are all great ways to release frustrations and be creative at the same time.
Punch or scream into a pillow, scream or yell: these are a great way to release anger while not hurting yourself.
Talk to others about what is happening in your life. You can and should talk to other people.You could talk to your friends or family.

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