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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Seriously though, what is it with all the guns?! I froze for a moment, not sure whether to let them take us, or fight back. I chose fight, as did the others. I guess it was finally implanted on our brains that if we gave up, then we'd lose. Well, duh. OK, that didn't come out the way I expected…never mind.
"You are completely surrounded. Fight back, and we will have no problem hurting you," the man behind the blinding light said. I shielded my eyes, squinting.
"The thing is, we have no problem hurting you, either," I shouted. The others took my cry as a sort of start button, everyone springing into action at the same time. Fin took a huge gush of rank water from the sewer river and slammed it into the body of one of the gunmen. Shamus ripped away some guns while Iris smashed two guards together. I didn't see what Ceil was doing before I got started.
I held my hands out, closing my eyes. I imagined the remaining henchmen to die. I stole the air from their body. It started to work, but again, the black stuff started covering me. It threw off my concentration, and the men realized they were no longer dying.
Panic showing on my face, I tried again, but this only caused the Black goo to speed up. Not good. Like before, I fell to my knees as it compressed around my body. My breathing become labored as the man crept closer, looking afraid as though I might lash out and kill them. If only. Finally, one of them grabbed me. I tried to struggle, but my chest burned, and I knew I had to save my energy.
The black stuff stopped just before covering my face, but it was too late. They had me. I screamed on last, long, loud, help before they gagged me and began taking me down the tunnel.

“Ro!” I helplessly called. I helplessly looked around, and was caught by surprise when Iris rolled her eyes at me, though she was anxious like me.
“Shamus, you are holding two machine guns,” she stated simply. Instinct urged me to snap, “Yeah, what’s your point?” but I actually realized what Iris was implying. But that meant… I’ve have to kill another person. I know, these guys want to kill us, but I have a very “do unto others as you would have-“
Oh, screw it! my shoulder devil screamed in my ear, and I shot the henchman repeatedly on the back. He dropped Ro and fell on her, causing Ro to make some kind of double-yelp noise. “Sorry!” I said as we went to help Ro. Fin tried to roll the big, muscular, and (gulp) dead henchman off of Ro, but was unsuccessful, so Iris threw him off with telekinesis.
“How are you?” asked Iris. Ro’s face flushed with anger.
“Oh, well, I’m covered in,” Ro paused, “sewage, bound by some sticky black goo that comes up whenever I try to do the simplest thing with my imagination powers, I was nearly crushed by a dead henchman guy, we’re LOST, and our friends are all going to be executed tomorrow, so I’d say that things could improve for me.”
Even knowing how bad this was for us, especially Ro, I had no time to be understanding. “Mm-hmm, whatever,” I said apathetically. “So we have to get off this black stuff. Ideas, anyone?” Ceil raised his hand and cleared his throat. “No ideas?” Then Iris stepped on my foot. “Yeah, what, Ceil?”
“I was thinking that someone could fire a gun, Shamus can hold back the bullets with magnetism, and with the heat that’s being trapped, we could use that to maybe make the black stuff to come off.”
“Okay, hold on,” I said. “So someone’s gonna be shooting at me, and I’m going to be holding back the bullets? What if the bullets aren’t iron or nickel or whatever? I could die.”
No one saw it when Fin slipped away right at this moment.

“Alright, let’s do it then. Who’s going to shoot?” I asked from my cocoon of black squeezy death stuff. Nobody replied.
“Iris, I think you should do it,” I said quietly.
“What? Why me?”
Well, I would, but I’m covered in goo. And Ceil probably would, but Shamus isn t going to like that too much.”
“You’ve got that right,” he said nervously. Iris nodded, grabbing the gun. Her hands were shaking like an earthquake, but Iris was a strong person. And I guess Shamus was, too.
She stood about 15 feet away and aimed the gun at him, firing 3 shots. We all held our breath, waiting to see him holding the bullets inches from himself. But that didn’t happen. He gave a small gasping sound and collapsed.
Just then, the black stuff melted. I’m not sure what did it, but I was ever grateful that it was finally off.
Of course, we had another problem on our hands.

Don’t try that at home. Lead isn’t magnetic.
Stupid me! I was so confident of myself, thinking that every idea I had was the right one and would work. Now I was lying on the ground, bleeding heavily from each of my three gun shot wounds. I had no idea when my self-healing powers would kick in, but it was evident they weren’t going to start any time soon.
But did Iris shooting me three times make me like her less? Not one bit. I was glad that it was Iris that shot me, not Ro, and definitely not Ceil. It made me feel a lot less bitter about it. Kind of like when Da Vinci or whoever cut off his ear and sent it to his girlfriend to prove his love for her. Well, not really. And I had nothing cut off. I hoped.
Well straight after I was shot, I fell back and got more muck all over me as I hit my head hard against the sewer tunnel floor. I only heard Iris gasp, and say “Shamus! OH-MY-!” and Ceil’s footsteps as he charged towards me before I went unconscious.
So let’s have Ro tell what happened when I was unconscious with three bullet wounds. ‘Cause I don’t know. ‘Cause I was unconscious with three bullet wounds.

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