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I'm Animistic, and live with my way Christian family. My mother still is Christian, but wont go to church because she doesn't believe in many small rules they have. I dont agree withsome of the rules or laws wichever you prefer Animism has, but I still agree with some of it. I don't believe in Hell. If God is so kind (as stated in the bible), why would he send even the cruelest person to Hell. Why wouldn't he forgive them. I don't believe in violence. It's idiotic and can just as easily, probably easier, be solved in words. I've never been in a physical fight, and hope to keep it that way. If other people fight that's not my business, really. I would never critisize another faith. I don't know who's faith is right. You kind of have to take a guess and if it's wrong..... well I doubt that I'll ever find out, so I don't care. Sometimes I like to think that there's no God or Gods. I start to think that religion is just something to explain what we haven't discovered, or don't like. Who knows. Religion is a tricky subject. It's impossible to really know if your right. Personally I think it's odd that some people have the nerve to even try to disprove somone else's faith. Hope I didn't leave out anything./Edit: Oh, and religious wars. If Hell is existant......... that's where your going. Correct me if I'm wrong Christians, but isn't there a commandment that says thou shall not use violence or something like that? Don't take any of my thoughts personally please, I'd rather not have a debate over it. To Anthony: Then don't live a Christian life. My parents wanted me to stay with a Christian faith, but I said they can't control my faith. My mom didn't care, but my dad was angry.

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