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Default Re: Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
dude no need to get heated

what i say makes sense, but ur just being narrow minded as u have always been. ur the one who needs to wake up and get real
oh trust me i am not getting heated.

please do tell me how i am being narrow minded? enlighten me!

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Hey redcar,
can you please explain to us why you oppose polygamy?
I remember last time you could only come up with that it was because of how you were raised, and it didn't feel right.
if gone through this all before, but in summary i am opposed to polygamy because i beleive that marriage is about love and with polygamy there are no boundries. like what can stop me marrying my whole town? i could say i love my town so i want to marry everyone in it. at the moment i believe that marraige is an institution that should be granted the respect it deserves and with polygamy, and reasons i have gone through before, would lessen the value of the institution.

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