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Originally Posted by cjm1991 View Post
Ok so I have being staying with my cousin for the christmas break by the way she is a girl and I am a guy...anyway I dont wont my mom or her or her mom to kno that I masterbate so where could I go to get privacy...really the bathroom is not good bc her mom has to go to the bathroom like ALOT thru out the night. She has to go thru the room I am staying in to get there and besides I wanna watch pornos to so Idk how to even get a moments privacy to wank. Just dont wanna get caught even tho it normal and they kno everyone does it, I still dont want my family knoing kinda embarrassing.
Well you might just have to give up the porn for a few days. It's not going to kill you, and you gotta learn to jack off without it lol.
And you might have to skip jacking off, do it really fast, or do it at another time of the day. Sorry this is all I can think of

Originally Posted by mockingjay View Post
why do i feel tired after masterbating? and is it natural to feel tired afterwards???
Yes, it is natural. Some people use it to help them sleep. \ says: "the act frequently takes place at night, in a bed, and is, after all, physically exhausting"

One of my opinions on why this happens is evolution. See, males of all species exist to spread their seed. They also want to ensure fertilization. So, after having sex, they are tired, lose their desire for more sexual pleasure, and fall asleep. That gives their body time to make more sperm for the next time they have sex (which helps ensure fertilization).

Even though this is just my theory, it's a pretty sound one.
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