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Default OCD or badly superstitious?

This is not me asking if this is OCD because I'm sure none of you are registered doctors who ca honestly diagnos someone via internet but I do want some opinions.

COULD it be counted as OCD (if a doctor were to exam the behavior) when a person finds themselves doing the exact same thing in order to prevent bad things from happening? For example, using the exact same body wash every night in fear that not doing so will cause something very bad to happen the next day. Not wearing certain items because the person fears touching them will result in something bad happening. Having to strongly touch something that has been stared at or has had a sound made on it in fear of something bad happening...

Now all of these can be related to very very strong superstition. I'm not sure. I just tell people I'm horribly superstitious and get on with my day. It disrupts a lot of my life because I find myself unable to go on unless I keep to the routine I set up to keep everything from going wrong. I lable it as such because I feel that if I do everything that certain way then things will get better.

Just give me feedback.

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