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Well, i agree. there are many gun sports, like hunting and trap and skeet and many wholesome, non criminal activites that guns can be recreationally used for. But using guns as an insurance policy against government tyranny is stupid. Maybe back in 1776 it wasnt, because everyone had the same kind of guns, but today, a citizan army with 22 rifles and 12 gauge shotguns arent going to stop trained soldiers with tanks and javelin missles and automatic assault rifles. So that arguement is pretty dumb.

Now, Guns dont kill people, People do. I have actually changed my mind somewhat on guns laws from reading this thread. Taking away guns only works if you do 2 drastic things:
A) Change the way a society views viollence. IE: Bad, not entertaining.
B) Take away every single gun on the planet, including recreational guns and military/police guns.

The first option works so much better than the second. The second doesnt work at all. I now realize you cannot just ban all guns. But, what about handguns? Do you go hunting with a 9mm? Shoot trap with a .45? No. The sole purpose of a handgun is for shooting people. They are very, VERY hard to manuvuer and aim in close quarters. You cant defend effectivly with one. You would better be suited to a close range, handheld weapon, such as mace, a stun gun (my pick) or something else that uses immobilization over penetration. Now, you let police officers and soldiers buy guns, but not from any companies. Government produced and funded, so there are no stores to rob, or people to bribe, etc. That way, eventually, the criminals wont have any hand guns, but the police will. Thats just my idea, i dont know all the facts (far from it), im just 15.

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