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heres the problem, I don't know that much about the UK, as I don't live there. But at the rate drugs are smuggled across the border, and the demand for illegal and untraceable guns in America right now, let me lay it out.

-there are 2 types of people that own guns, people that own them to do good (just not bad) and people who own them for bad, (in a gang, hit man, trying to kill someone, or w/e)

-If guns are banned, the law abiding people are going to turn in their guns, because they respect the law
-The people that don't respect the law, aren't going to turn them in, and if they do/are forced to, they will buy them illegally BECAUSE they don't follow the law anyways.

-If i wanted to kill 25 people with a gun i could get one illegally and try and kill them
-If i wanted to defend my self from the guy killing them, I would be Shit out of luck, cuz i returned my gun(s).
-IF i wanted to kill my wife for the insurance money, i could get a gun illegally (think illegal drugs) kill him/her and then get rid of the gun.

the people that follow the law will turn in their guns, but they wouldn't have commit much crime anyways
the people that intend to commit crime will buys illegal guns and do it anyways
This is very much like what happened during prohibition
-It was intended to do good, just like gun control
--The idea was to get alcohol out of the hands of people who misuse it

SO what happened?
-The people who misused it in the first place had a huge demand for it
-so the black market started smuggling it in like crazy, and the MOB grew in leaps and bounds

so what was the result?
-The people who misused it in the first place were still drinking, the legitimate alcohol business was decimated, and illegal groups were very very well funded

Maybe we will learn from history and legalize pot, and keep guns legal.
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