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Default Re: Cnn goes WAY to far

Man it seams like every thred phantom makes breaks down into him going on meaningless rants, When i first read your posts i tried to reason with you and show you that you don't know everything, but now i just laugh, i find it hard to beleve that you are not a conservitive when you beleve that every man woman and child in america should have a gun and should be able to take with them werever they go, but whatever. I don't care to argu with you because it is stupid and pointless. Because at the end of the day nobody agreas and nobody conseads. I motion to reaname this section from "Ramblings of the Wise" to, "Random Bitching of the Stupid". Because nobody here is wise, wisdom comes with time and life exspearence. Not with the ability to say
AHAHAH your so clever!!!
It must have taken you all of 2 seconds to come up with that!
But really your not funny.
Please stay out of this thread from now on if you have nothing better to say
O ya and on a side note just to you phantom 13 posts a day is a little exsesive for just posting in the debate form, i suggest take a deep breath and slow down on compolsivly hitting the post reply button, if you don't your mouse is going to eventaly wear out. Then you wouldn't be able to rant, and that would be terrrible.

Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."
- Popular Mechanics, 1949


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