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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

I knew that in a matter of time, they’d be on our tails again. And this time, I couldn’t threaten them with the ol’ “come closer and I’ll crush your head with an anvil.” That could result in complications.
Once underground, we started running away from the manhole cover. Though we weren’t “near” it, I could still hear it crash open as we hid.
“I need to get this off. Either I need it off, or you two need to leave. They can’t find us all,” I whispered as we walked further, “Have we got ANYTHING to conduct electricity?”
“I’m pretty sure I could start something with my magnetism, but I’m not sure how,” he said.
“Well, I don’t know how either, and I’d rather like to keep my life, thanks,” I said, shortly. I wasn’t really trying to be cross with him. I was just upset.
“Then your only other choice is to cut it out, Ro,” Fin intervened, holding up the razor. Another idea clicked in my head.
“One of you cut it off,” I said, moving my hair to reveal the chip.
“What? No! You’ll bleed, and you could be infected, and…crap like that. That’s even worse than the electricity idea!” Shamus countered, taking a step back. I forced the razor into his hands.
“C’mon, you have to do it, or leave,” I replied, urging him to do it.
“I can’t. Have Fin do it,” he insisted. I gave him a look.
“No offense, Fin, but you’ve already tried to kill me once. I don’t think I’m going to trust you for a long time,” I said. He looked a little hurt, but shrugged.
“Shamus, look. When you get it out, I’ll imagine it not cut. And then we’ll all be fine. It won’t kill me,” I coaxed, showing him the back of my neck again. He heaved a sigh and touched the cold metal to the spot right next to the chip.
“Don’t scream. And…if you die…don’t blame me,” he said slowly, beginning to saw away at my skin. I clenched my hands and gritted my teeth. God, it hurt. Alright, so I knew it’d hurt, but not like this. Blood dripped down my neck, and the cut throbbed like a bass drum.
“Wait…I got it,” Shamus said, pulling it out. I gasped in pain, and turned around to look at it. It was covered in blood, and resembled something of a large, circular tick. Grimacing, I took it from him and threw it into the river of sewage water that was running the past us. There was a moment’s silence.
“Oh, my god. That hurt,” I said weakly, patching it up in my mind.

I dropped the razor which was carried away by the sewer water. “Was that easier for you or for me? I can’t tell,” I said nonchalantly.
The helicopter was circling the area above. It had probably lost the signal, so Vollmer’s goons were probably trying to spot Ro from above. “Now where do we go?” Fin said, glancing down the grime-covered tunnel.
Ro grimaced. “Through more sewer, then?”
I sighed. “It’s our best bet. The helicopter hasn’t left yet.”
Fin nervously stared down the sewer tunnel. “But it’s dark…” he complained quietly.
“Fine, here, I’ll make flashlights,” Ro said. “At least I have my powers back.
“But getting dumped out of the fire into the frying pan is still to come, I can sense,” chimed I. Ro shoved my shoulder, a grimy handprint pressed onto my gray shirt type thing. Ro put her hands out, palms up. She closed her eyes… and a glob of runny black goo appeared. Fin couldn’t help but snort, but the smile was scraped off his face when the goo started consuming her hands, crawling up her arms, trying to wrap itself around every inch of Ro’s body.
“Guys? Help me!!” Ro screamed.

Yeah, I don’t think that I would’ve minded it so much, except that it was compressing my arms, and spreading to my shoulders and chest. As it moved, it squeezed tightly. My breathing increased as I gave a panicked look to Fin and Shamus.
“Do something!” I cried. It spread down my stomach to my legs. Somehow, and I don’t know how, it caused my legs to give out, allowing me to land hard on my knees.
“I—I can’t!” Fin shouted. He clamped onto my arm, attempting to strip the stuff from my, but his hands slipped off. Shamus tried, but the same thing happened to him. I could feel it on my chest, trying to collapse my ribcage, to totally crush me. It started creeping up my neck, cutting off my breath. Oh, my god, I couldn’t breathe. Was I going to die here? In a SEWER!?
Yet, in a moment, the black goo receded. I took deep gulping breaths, as it shrank back to my hands and disappeared. Suddenly, two flashlights appeared in front of Shamus and Fin, hovering there for a second or two before falling. They each caught them before they hit the water.
“My God, what fresh hell was that?!” I asked to no one in particular. Fin helped me to my feet, and I nodded him a thanks.
“See! I told you we shouldn’t have cut the chip out!” Shamus exclaimed, turning the flashlight on. Well, at least it was bright.
“Oh? Trust me, that was no where near as bad as what Vollmer can do to you. I’d choose that any day,” I replied morbidly, just to throw things into perspective.

Twenty minutes later we were lost in the sewers. Don’t worry, readers, the rest of the story doesn’t take place in the sewers. “This sucks, you know,” I said, cutting the twenty-minute silence.
“Ha, I didn’t know that,” Ro said sarcastically.
“Just shut up, Ro,” I snapped. “I mean, what is our short-term goal here? What are we trying to do? Where are we trying to go? We haven’t even decided what we’re trying to do here. We’re just wandering aimlessly. If we’re just going to do that we might as well sit on our butts until Iris and Ceil rescue everyone for us. If Ceil hasn’t already killed Iris.”
Ro was about to speak, but then suddenly a voice cut through the dark. “He hasn’t, trust me.”

The voice made me tense, but I relaxed when I realized who it was.
“Iris!” I cried. I was going to give her a hug, but I remembered what happened last time I tried to hug someone. “I’m so glad you’re ok.”
“Yeah, same here. Have you guys met up with any trouble?” she asked.
“Well, I broke the map, we were chased out of town, Fin found us and tried to kill Ro, I got shot, we’re currently being chased by Vollmer’s goons, everyone’s being executed in tomorrow…did I miss anything, Ro?” Shamus said, counting off on his fingers.
“Oh, we cut the chip out of my neck, and now I can imagine things, but I nearly die. I dunno about flying. But something bad is bound to happen,” I replied, nodding.
“Tomorrow? So soon?” Ceil asked, his face distressed.
“Yeah. Shouldn’t you have known about this?” Shamus pointed his finger in Ceil’s chest.
“Vollmer himself had said that he was not going to kill anyone. Put through pain, yes. But never kill. They are too valuable to him,” Ceil said, “I am sorry.”
“I’ll bet you are,” Shamus muttered under his breath.
“Stop now. Don’t take it too far. But we’ve got to do something,” I said, changing the subject.
“But what?” Iris asked.
“It’s simple. All we’ve got to do is stick together from now on. If they find us, we just have to kill them. At this point, it’s either us or them, and it’s gotta be us,” Shamus said. Well, look who was passing around inspiration.
“Yeah, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do,” I interrupted. He gave me a bit of a sour look, his face brightening as he got an idea.
“One of us will stay with you at all times. It’s fool proof!”
I bit my lip. Habit wanted me to say that he was completely wrong, and this was a ridiculously stupid idea, yet logic said he was right. I sighed, and nodded.
And hoped none of us would get killed.

"So now all we have to do," I continued, "is locate Vollmer's H.Q. and plan some sort of sneak attack. And we have to do it by… what time is it?"
Ceil pressed a little button on his very cool-looking watch. "It is six P.M. here. I'd estimate, if Vollmer intends to kill the detainee Dumaniz tomorrow, he will be doing it at sunrise, which is precisely…" Ceil pressed another button and a graph popped up in the form of a hologram. Why do the bad guys get all the gadgets?! "…6:46 tomorrow morning." Then the hologram closed, Iris taking and releasing a deep breath of nervousness.
"Well since Shamus deleted our dumb map," Ro said, begging for a dirty look to be thrown at her, "we'll need to use yours, Ceil and Iris." Iris took out the little Game Boy-like device and opened the holographic map. A big orange square indicated Vollmer's H.Q. A bunch of little green ones indicated the warehouses, and the space in between must have been the pathways.
"This doesn't help, we're in the sewers," Iris muttered.
"Press the round button next to the on-off button." The view of the messed-up world we were in flipped around and showed the sewers.
"Okay," I said. "But where are we?" Iris fiddled around a bit and eventually a little blip showed up. "I think this is us!" I said, excited that we were getting somewhere. Then another blip showed up, which looked like two circles inside each other. It was moving to our stationary blip. (I love that word! Blip! Blip! Blip!)
"Okay, what's going on?!" Ro said. We turned at the sound of a gun cocking and were suddenly blinded by six big flashlights.

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