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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Please don't make me laugh.
Ok popo how about you get a black belt.........and I will run at you with a bat
Its called a conceal and carry license which I am going to get one when I am 21.
O yeah one other thing. I though it was a liberal thing to protect our civil liberty's and constitution rights? Allow me to find the wilkipedia of it.

Now I believe we have a constitutional right to bear arms. Perhaps I am wrong.
I am not attacking you at all I am just saying.
Phantom.. I am not in the mood to argue with you.. But why do you put down martial arts lol.. That bat wont help you at all.. If you'd attack someone who is good at whatever art he/she practices.. Personaly usual Karate, I think is shit.. I practiced Shukokai and so did my uncle and aunts son.. Now to the point.. My uncle once met in the gym 4 kick boxers, 1 was our national champion so they made a bet the 'champ' belived he can easily beat him. My uncle wanted to fight 2 against 1. Of course he won.. See the good martial arts teach you how to 'disable' your opponent effectively and fastly.. If youd run at me with a bat it wouldnt realy help lol

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