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Default Re: Stopping Hormones

From what you've said it sounds like you probably have some kind of gender identity issue. People need to understand gender and sexual diversity and accept that some people may be transgender/transsexual... While yor worries aren't "normal", they're not completely uncommon. There are treatments to allow adult men to become women, such as hormone therapy and even surgery, but any of these will only be administered by a doctor and after a very extensive psychological evaluation, even then only to an adult. I've heard many stories of confused teens in your situation, but you really do need counselling. The type of help is way beyond the ability of your average shrink though, so you will probably need to get a referral to someone who specializes in gender identity issues. It also might help you to look for a trans support message board so you could talk to other people who are going/have gone through the same stuff as you. Hope I was able to help a bit

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