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Default Re: Marijuana, a Mutual Information Post.

where I live you cant go for a nature walk without walking into a shit load of pot plants and here you can walk around with a dooby and nobody gives a shit my mom says she will let me smoke weed when im sixteen and if I have good grades my mom smokes weed but not before work or while driving or anything just after work to relax her hahah I get baked from my moms second hand smoke if she hot boxes the living room she smokes like 3 paper joints

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Oh yes it is.
So by your thinking we should let evil sadistic fanatical Islamists run around killing anyone they see. You don't seem to get it that these people WANT TO KILL YOU and anyone else that doesn't believe in their evil religion. I am not even bothering to go on
lolwut? Someone's spoon fed from the media
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