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Default Liek, zomg, and update!

My chest seemed to be shrinking, my breath coming every ten seconds in short breaths. I suddenly remembered I could endure stuff. Maybe soon the bullet would fall out. But I only had one chance to save Ro. I hope to God there's iron somewhere in this shotgun, I thought. I threw a mental lasso, and it jerked and fell out of Fin's hand. It clattered on the ground, firing. Ro jumped and avoided a gunshot wound to the shin, and climbed the fire escape.
I tried pulling again, but Fin leapt onto the ground and held onto the butt of the rifle. His hand inched towards the trigger as I tried to pry it out of his grip. "Don't!" I said. "I thought you were just gonna kill Ro!" Fin looked up at me. That moment of hesitation was all I needed. I yanked it really hard and the shotgun was mine. Without really thinking, I then knocked Fin out with the butt.
Ro came climbed down, glancing at Fin. "Thanks," she said with, oh my! A hint of sincerity. I put my hand on my beating heart. Yes, thankfully, my heart was still beating. I was no longer bleeding, which meant my trusty powers were kicking in. But my gray tunic was soaked through with blood.

This was not good. I touched the back of my neck again, trying to pull the chip off, but it held tight. With this on, I couldn’t use any of my powers. It was horrible. I had to resist the urge to sit down and cry.
“Ro, what is that thing?” Shamus asked, clutching his heart through his bloodstained shirt.
“It cancels out my powers. Every one of us that Vollmer is keeping prisoner has one of these on. I can’t do anything,” I said, not meeting his eyes. The emptiness inside my belly made me want to throw up. Then, I realized something worse, something that could potentially mean the death of both of us.
“They know where I am,” I whispered, feeling a wave of sickness wash over me.
“What?” Shamus asked, not hearing me.
“Shamus, you have to get away from me. I think they could have a tracker on this thing, and then we’re both in danger. We have split up,” I replied frantically, standing and beginning to pace.
“But you don’t have any powers, and you can’t fight without them,” he mentioned.
“Yeah, I know. But go anyway. Now.”

"No," I said. Ro grabbed her hair and looked angrily at me.
"Shamus, get your fat butt out of here!" but then I merely sat down. "What are you doing? They're tracking me, and they'll find you too!" Just like Ro to act noble and tragically intelligent when she could just suck it up.
"If we split up, I'll be safe, that's correct, but I'll be powerless as well. So I might as well be captured. At least they'll take us to the rest of the Dumaniz, so technically our journey wouldn't end in failure." I shrewdly smiled, and Ro just made an "Ergh!" sound and sat further away from me. Girls.

“Well then, get up. We can’t stay in one place for long,” I said, standing up.
“If you want me to split up, can you at least imagine like, walkie-talkies or something?” Shamus asked. I glared at him.
“Oh,” he replied, “Well then, I’m still not leaving.”
“Suit yourself. You have no clue what it’s like there,” I said, beginning to walk. He hopped up behind me, and started following me. As I passed Fin’s motionless body, I picked up the gun. This might save my life, even though shooting someone sickened me more than crushing them under a giant rock, as odd as that may sound.

"Er…" I said, a light-bulb blinking on slowly in my head. "We may have got over our differences just a bit, not like that's not good or anything, but we still don't know where the heck we're going." Ro rolled her eyes and nearly swore. "Fin!" I shouted randomly.
"Yeah, what about him?" Ro responded.
"Well they were holding him at Vollmer's H.Q., right? And then they let him go to find you. So he must remember something about where it is, right?"
"Yeah, that's true," Ro said like she really meant 'That's 25% true.' But she shook her head slightly and plowed on, "But what if they dropped him off somewhere and he couldn't figure out where he was going?"
"If they dropped him off, they'd have to drop him off near us, and we couldn't see or hear any helicopters, could we?"
"Maybe they gave him a map."
"Well lets' just try something!" I said firmly. I kneeled down and gently slapped Fin on the cheek. "Fin? Fin?" I slapped him again. "Wake up. Fin? Wake UP, Fin!"
Ro sighed. "Get some sewage water," she said, handing me an empty can. I jumped down the manhole and filled it. I came up gagging, not wanting to know the contents of the water a bit. That stuff would wake up ANYONE. I poured it over his face. Fin gasped and wriggled like a fish. He rubbed the lump on his head and winced. "Whass hapnin'?" he mumbled.

As he woke up, I pointed the gun at him. He looked around, confused as anything, trying to comprehend what was going on.
“Oh,” he said, finally realizing that the tables had turned.
“Yeah, ‘oh’,” Shamus said.
“I’m taking it you guys won’t take a simple sorry?” Fin asked, looking quite desperate. I snorted.
“Listen. This gun is pointed at your head. Move without us telling you, and I’ll shoot you. I’m pretty sure I won’t miss. I’m only 3 feet away,” I said, venom dripping from my voice. He winced.
“You’re going to help us, Fin,” Shamus started. Fin nodded. I could tell he was visibly shaking, but I still aimed the gun at him, “We don’t know where we are, and we’re pretty sure you do. If you’re working for them, you know where they are, and you’re going to take us to them. Understand?”
“And if I don’t?” he asked, his voice almost breaking.
“Take a wild guess,” I muttered sarcastically.
Fin took a deep breath.
“You understand why I did it. It was my only choice. Shyam’s the only family I have left. I wouldn’t be able to take it alone. If he died…I’d kill myself, I really would,” he explained.
“But Vollmer’s not going to kill anyone yet,” Shamus said, narrowing his eyes.
“No. You’re wrong. Tomorrow at Midnight, he’s going to execute them all, in front of everyone. He wants to show people what would happen if they stood up to him,” he whispered. I exchanged a horrific look with Shamus.
“F-Fin, please tell me you can get this chip off. You brought one of those electrocution things with, right?” I asked. Our time was running out too quickly, and I’d be of no help if I could use my powers.
He shook his head solemnly.
“Well, how’d they get it off last time?” Shamus asked. My head perked up a bit as I was struck with an idea.
“Electricity!” I exclaimed, sounding like Ben Franklin, “We need to find some sort of electricity, and then we can shock it off!”
“You’re crazy! It’d never work, and you’d die!” Shamus countered. I resisted the urge to glare at him.
“Well, we have to try something. Now, where to look?”

Fin, Ro, and I searched for metal things to somehow conduct electricity to get the chip off. "This is such a bad idea!" I pressed on. "It'll fry the chip for sure but what if it fries you? Humans do conduct electricity, not just kites with keys on them."
Ro sighed angrily, which sounded like a pit bull at the moment, and said "It's worth a shot, Shamus. Keep searching." We found some tin cans and razors but that was about it.
We put our metal things in a pile. "Now what?" Fin said.
"I don't… know." Ro said. And in the distance, the hum and whir of a chopper was manifested, and got closer.
"Oh… snap," I uttered.
"What do we do?" Fin said his voice raspy and nervous.
Ro pounded her foot on the ground in frustration. "Into the stupid manhole again!"

Just to let y'all know, we're almost all the way to where Josh and I are writing this. Does that make sense?

I actually like you guys being a couple of posts away, though, as evil as that may sound. I hope we still have our fans (*waves to awesome fans*) because they're the ones who keep us going.

WE'VE FINALLY HIT PAGE 60!!!!!! *does her "I've hit page sixty" dance* Yeah, not THAT much, I know, but when you don't have enough time to type something, and when you're writing over 6 other things (or supposed to be, anyway), it's an accomplishment. Anyway, I hope you like how the story's developing so far. //I'm// almost positive the title will be "The Dumaniz." Or something like that.

And if YOU have any suggestions on what you want to happen, go ahead and spew them out at us. I LOVE suggestions from people who read my work.

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