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hey everyone
i dont htink anyone will know or remember be anymore.
i used ot be a regular here
but apprently the last time i visited was the 11th of july...thats quite a while ago
um basically i cant explain my absense, except for i moved on, out of my depression.
but now i'm back. i need help.
its so selfish of me because i wasn't here for people in thier times in need and im so sorry.
ive had the worst week of probs my life.
i even contemplated suicide tonight
and im compltley back to my old ways

these are the things that happened:

i nearly got chucked out of my house after fighting with my mother
i nearly lost my job after getting a lip piercing - infact if i dont take it out, i have lost my job.
and most importantly..
i lost my girlfriend of two years today. everything was fine and great for a long time. and then when i met her today she told me she didnt love me anymore...that she couldnt be with me. we wernt right for each other.
i love her so dearly, and i cant imagine she doesnt have any feelings for me.
its so out the blue.
i miss her so much and get upset thinking about it
i had even asked her to move in with me.

so just sucks so much at the moment.

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