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Originally Posted by warrenj View Post
No matter how good you are, if you do not have Jesus, you'll go to hell. masturbation isnt a sin in my book.
totally true! If you commit any sin, then you've dirtied your hands, that's that. But masturbation isn't a sin!

Jesus summarised all rules at some point. I can't remember his exact wording (but it's been heavily paraphrased in all the translations anyway ), but he roughly says You must never do anything that harms others or harms yourself. Love your neighbour as you love yourself!!! The last bit is rather well known; it just means be nice to everyone and God'll hold you in high regard

Feel free to message me about anything, if you want- I warn you, I'm often not online. Probably will be in under a day, though

btw, my name's pronounced 'weep', as in crying yeah, sounds pessimistic, but I like it

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