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Default Re: Nothing makes me happy anymore.

Originally Posted by `Decadent View Post
I've elminated the idea of suicide for now. Today seemed to go ok and I'm feeling moderatley better. I'm even going out tonight with the girl so it's going to be good.

Cookie - My friends are just like that. We're all in that different/rocker highschool stereotype so they don't really show emotion or anything. I suppose I may just be going throuh a rough patch.

Willow - Thanks for all the help. You've made me feel better today.
Im glad that your thoughts are changing ^-^.I hope you had fun on your date.All my friends are diffrent to but I know one of yours will be there if you need them.Just because someone doesn't show emotion doesn't mean they dont care.And who knows maybe one of them is going threw the same thing but they are just afraid to tell anyone.
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