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Hey cmpcmp about the cops, that's why the swat team is there, they can come in if there's a dangerous heavily armed criminal.
I never said that we shouldn't have a S.W.A.T. team, we should have one.

All that im saying is this, what if 1/25 people had concealed weapons on them? that means when you walk into a bank with 25 people in it, and one of them probably has a gun, but you have no idea who.
-under these circumstances would you rob a bank, or just be less likely to?
--NO one pickpockets at the gun show do they?

-How would the GOV feel about trying to oppress 300 million people if 6 million of them carried guns with them (not to mention the amount of people with guns in their house.
[self imposed question] "but if some one defends them selves with a gun, then some one most likely needlessly dies"
-NO, If u have a gun, and you think your in danger, what do you do? shoot a warning shot, and yell that you have a gun, if the criminal is a criminal, and decides not to run, then it was a good thing that you had a gun, cause he/she was gonna try and kill u anyways. But now you have a means to defend your self.
--Once you show that you have a gun no one (even if they have a gun) is going to mess with you unless they are feeling really lucky/crazy, in which case ur better off with a gun than nothing.
-criminals are criminals because they don't follow the law
--they aren't going to respect gun laws
---neither are smugglers (in America the Mexican border is easily smuggled over)
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