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Default Re: Nothing makes me happy anymore.

Originally Posted by Weeping Willow View Post
Edit: And I know that I sound like Im really tough and can handle all these emotions - I cant. Im the weakest person you'll find. I just bury everything so deep down inside that it cant ever be found again, and it grows and grows so much to where you cant go back and take it out. I wish I could cry and let all this out, but I cant. I dont want to deal with any of this. And my weakness shows, I cut myself, I drug my self up - that's not being tough, that's being weak and Im running away from my problems. But it's all I know to do.
I'm pretty much the exact same as you. I keep everything locked up inside. In the past three years I've had three of my family members die and a friend since I was born hang himself. I didn't express one emotion because of it. Only thing I don't though is cut and do drugs, but that's just me.

About the suicide eyah that's what I was thinking. Once you swallow the pills you can't reverse it and you're either sent into an eternity in hell or into an eternity of nothing. Personally, I would like the nothing but the Christian factor is also there... :/
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