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Red face Re: What drugs have you consumed?

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
uh.. you're weird wanting people to actually post illegal stuff they've done.. well i wouldn't care if i go to jail so here i go.. btw for all i know and everybody know.. you could be a police working to get kids in jail so come over and arrest me.. wouldn't help or hurt since i could actually get enough sleep for my age..

i've smoked weed crack.. and i've drank alchohal.. my step dad and mom made me do them so arrest them too.. well my step dad is in prison but will be out soon and my mom is in jail so you can't do anything to them..

and i'm sure if anybody is smart enough.. this will be super super super full since EVERYBODY taken drugs.. medicine is a type of drug
lol you cant get arrested for admiting you've done drugs in the past, and posting on the internet doesnt mean shit, for all anyone knows your lieing/creating a false identity.

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