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Originally Posted by habook3 View Post
I wish I could have pills to sleep sometimes. I frequently suffer from insomnia in the summer, but it's different. During the summer, I let my sleep schedule get completely out-of-whack, usually being awake between 12 pm and 4-6 am. The downside is that when I try to sleep, it's often very difficult. My personal insomnia remedy is hot chocolate and a good book for twenty or thirty minutes, but it varies for everyone. Try to find something that will usually leave a blank in your mind afterward.
Wow same here... last summer I would stay until like 5-6 am chatting with my cousin, friends who never get online and stuff... I did that for like a month, and my sleeping times were sooooo messed up... I would go to sleep at 5 or 6 and wake up at like 11... it was really scary... then my mom started taking my computer to her room to make sure I don't use it anymore, and then I started reading like crazy... but like crazy... I read Da Vinci's Code (this was the first time I read a serious book in italian ) in like 5 nights, I read Angels And Demons in a week, then I read a whole trilogy of books my mom had, each one in like a week... then I started to read the Harry Potter series again... I was reading like crazy, and I couldn't beleive it... but now that I'm into magic, and now more than ever I'm really serious about it, I'll stay until like 11 pm playing around with my cards and practicing... I should upload a video

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lol yea that's alot.. i can read um like 1 book a hour picture books.. how much books do you read now??
I can read up to +50 books a year...

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