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Phantom, You definitely understood what I was saying, but the part about gang/mob violence was what I was talking about as culture.
-though it may be a small part that isn't representative of the rest, it is still part of our culture that wants guns to use for crime.
-Most of the Gun that mobs(like mafia, not so prevalent anymore)/gangs use now are illegal by some kind of gun law, and they are the ones doing most of the gun crime.
-If you take away the guns, from every body
--People wanting to keep them for illegal purposes: like selling them, keeping them for intimidation, or w/e; that kind of a person won't give it back and will buy them on the black market.
--The law abiding citizens that weren't going to use them for wrong (maybe suicide, but should we ban tall buildings?) will give them back and will be defense less while the crooks who the laws were aimed at will retain their weapons.
The question that comes up is....
-Why is Japans gun murder rate so low?
*The answer is culture, not a lack of guns, look at their other crime rates for good indicators....
(all from
Assaults per 1000
#43 Japan 0.339272 per 1,000 people
#6 United States 7.56923 per 1,000 people
#7 New Zealand 7.47881 per 1,000 people
#8 United Kingdom 7.45959 per 1,000 people
#9 Canada 7.11834 per 1,000 people

Murders (per capita) by country (total, not only with guns)
#60 Japan 0.00499933 per 1,000 people
#56 Switzerland 0.00921351 per 1,000 people
#46 United Kingdom 0.0140633 per 1,000 people
#24 United States 0.042802 per 1,000 people

Rapes (per capita) by country
#54 Japan 0.017737 per 1,000 people
#9 United States 0.301318 per 1,000 people
#13 United Kingdom 0.142172 per 1,000 people

Robberies (per capita) by country
#8 United Kingdom 1.57433 per 1,000 people
#11 United States 1.38527 per 1,000 people
#57 Japan 0.040599 per 1,000 people
#43 Switzerland 0.290827 per 1,000 people

SO japans just the greatest nation? with no violence?
#13 Japan 8.6 per 100,000 people
while lower then the US, compared to its other stats, this is very surprising. So why are there a relatively high amount of suicides? It's because of their culture.
If a culture as a whole isn't violent (japan)(Switzerland) , then taking guns away, or giving them more, really isn't going to have a huge effect on the amount of death.
Same goes for the other way around. If you take the guns away from America, there will still be death and guns, if you leave them be, there will still be guns, and death.

but, In my mind the benefits of having guns legal in America. far outweigh the negative effects.
-Guns mean the people have power
-they mean that people can defend themselves form rioters/criminals.
-It puts fear into not only the gov, but also would be criminals
-hunting (legal hunting) provides tax revenue that rebuilds/protects forests and hunting areas.
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