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Originally Posted by Weeping Willow View Post
Miguels whole thread was for fun and joking around - he wasnt seriously being an egotistical whore, not at all. But a certain someone seems to enjoy going around and starting fights wherever he can. It was clearly obvious that he wanted to tick Miguel off and ruin his fun. If I were Miguel, I sure as hell would have edited those posts too.

And just like all of you are saying that if you dont like a post, delete or report it, well if you dont like a thread - DONT POST IN IT! Apparently that is really hard for Break The Cage to understand, because all of his posts everywhere are basically put downs and insults.
I don't think you understand what I am saying, Miguel asked for peoples opinions on him and I gave mine. I really don't see the problem.
I didn't want to 'tick Miguel off' I was just giving my views on the thread, if he really got 'fun' out of compliments from strangers over the internet... well then I pity him.
I didn't say if you don't like the post, I said if there is something wrong with it, aka it breaks a rule and mine didn't. You can't tell me where and where not to post. All of my posts everywhere? Slight exaggeration there..
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