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I love Left Logic...
-we don't need guns because some one crazy might use them!
-WE don't need guns for protection, no one is going to try and hurt you.

-People might do illegal things with guns, so they shouldn't have them
-the people doing illegal things will follow the law and turn their guns in, and not try to get them illegally.
(This discussion (this post) is for America, as that is where I live)
Imagine if you will a couple of things
-What volume of illegal drugs are smuggled across the border every day? Couldn't that easily be guns? (Gun (not yet fired) can't be smelled out by dogs)
-If guns were made illegal, wouldn't their street price go way up? (there is already a market for them in gang areas where it has been shown that any one with a 100 dollars can get one illegally.
What about the numerous cases where people have gotten guns that are currently illegal in America to use for robberies? If they are willing to get illegal guns instead of just going to the gun shop, why wouldn't they get regular gun when all guns are illegal? as an added bonus POPO doesn't want police to have guns? well how easy can it get?
this clip is against officers with glocks, imagine against officers with bats...
Further imagine (fact)
-Washington DC has the highest murder rate in America
-Washington DC has the strictest gun control policies in America, handguns are completely banned.
-across the river (10 miles away) the murder rate is one tenth of what it is in DC, and the gun laws are much strickter.
From everything that I have read, and all of the facts that I have seen, There is one most meaningfully factor in gun crime, and that is culture.
-Washington DC isn't violent because there are/aren't gun laws, it is violent because there is a culture of gangs and corruption.
-rural areas aren't safe because they have lax gun laws, its because no one wants to use guns on each other.
(look this up if u don't believe)
2 countries on the bottom of the gun death charts are japan and Switzerland.
-Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world
-Switzerland requires men of a certain age to keep a fully automatic weapon in their house for militia purposes. (there are a lot of guns in Switzerland)

Sorry if i use the chile, but GUNS DON't KILL PPL, PPL do.
-If the people (say DC) want guns, they will get them
-if the people don't want guns (japan) they won't get them
-If the people want to use them (DC) they will
-If the people don't want to use them (but do have them) then they won't, (switzerland)

It is the basic rule of supply and demand, if there is a demand, then some one will probably supply is (think drugs in America)
-plus the forefathers though it important enough to make the second amendment
-plus it keeps the people with the power, not the gov
-plus it can be used for protection, in response to what every one else has said, the vast majority of the time when someone uses a gun, they show it, or shout that they have it and that is enough to scare the would be crook off. maybe a warning shot to show ur serious. No one has to be killed, and they usually aren't
If any one even thinks about saying suicide in this thread think how far a way the nearest 4+ story building is, (and how easy it would be to dive head first at the ground and sever your spine and die.) or a knife, cabinet full of meds, rat poison? come one give ppl more credit, they are creative.
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