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Default Re: Post Edits

if you have a problem with a post such as its a direct attack at you or a fight starting then delete the post
It looks like to me robin completly changed what activate said
personally i dont like that he could have deleted what he said and said that he removed the offensive parts instead of completly changing the post
you should be able to edit your own post
but not everyone elses

I agree with Alex
If you have a problem either just delete it or report the post
The 2 Gmods
3 Admins
or councelor
all of which are in diffrent time zones to maximize the chances of atleast one of us being on
will deal with it
i promise you that

miguel i think your a great guy I really mean that
but you cant just edit someones post because you can
i'm a global mod i have the ability to edit any post on the site
does that give me the right to for no reason? no
thats like saying because a cop has a gun he can go around shooting anyone


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