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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Ok lets debate gun laws.
My opinion as I am sure you guys know is we need guns.
I will now explain why with various reasons.
Guns don't kill people people kill people.
Guns are necessary to defend yourself with.
There are MANY more GOOD people out there than bad people.
Guns WILL NOT stop crime. If somebody wants to kill you they WILL kill you, whether its a knife, baseball bat or whatever.
Criminals will ALWAYS get guns no matter what. Look at Canada. Criminals have tons of guns because they simply don't follow the law and never will.
Yet the civilians in Canada are defenseless.
If good people don't have guns they CANNOT protect themselves.
If somebody broke into your house with either an illegal gun or a knife, if you don't have a gun you basically have to fight them toe to toe.
Did you know guns deter crime? Criminals are more afraid to be shot by the home owner than get caught by the police.
Imagine this. Every woman has a nice little gun that they keep with them at all times and criminals know this.
Do you think there would be any more rape?
I know I would not want to mess with a woman pointing a gun at me.
Well that is just some of my arguments.

Debate away.

I know that whole thing about guns dont kill peope, people kill people...but remember people kill people by using guns.

And I dont remember Guns being necessary to defend oneself, there are many ways to defend yourself.

If there are many more GOOD people than Bad people as you put it, why do we "need" guns?

If someone broke into your house and you just shoot them, you will go to jail. In order to claim self defense the intruder must be coming toward you with the intent to kill or harm.

If Guns dont stop crime, again why do we need a gun? Just to have it?

I like how you use capitals to strengthen your point, and make it seem like fact.

Yes guns can deter crime? But if the crime is deterred tthen isnt the crime eventually stopped? and didnt u say Guns will not stop crime?

Hell yea there would be more rape? If every woman had a gun, do u honestly believe that rape would just vanish? decrease maybe, but it will still happen, even if the woman had a gun

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