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Default Re: Marijuana, a Mutual Information Post.

Ive been smoking skunk everyday for the last couple of months, I don't know how I haven't fried yet, anyways

Try normal weed before skunk, usally when you have your first cone/bowl out the chop of skunk, you'll feel sick for abit, alot of people can handle it, but don't try skunk 1st or you'll probably just green off it

When you'r stoned all that really.. is, is like you feel really good, you might be sitting there smiling because of this. One thing that is untrue is after smoking weed, you don't have uncontrolable laughter like acid. If your really wrecked or you don't do it that much, you'll see fractals, like little patterns that run over your eyes, but you won't see them clearly, unlike LSD. For other things, you might get diolated pupils, or red/yellowy eyes. Anmd you'll eventually get the munchies, lol usally when i do it I just eat heaps of junk

Coming down is a bummer because you feel like shit
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