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Default Re: Anyone know stuff about Acid?

Originally Posted by Break the Cage View Post
King Crimson either you get the shittiest acid ever or your bullshitting. 5 tabs of regular acid would be FAR too much for anyone.
You go about getting drugs by... well I don't think anyone here is at liberty to say that.
What are you talking about, You said I got the shittest acid, then you said it would be way to much for anyone??

and also it wasnt that much, 5 tabs of not weak but not extremely strong acid, You can never take "too much" acid, My fr4iend ben took a strip of 10 incredible strong ones, I forget what they were called Purple Amba or something(dont think it was that), and he tripped hard but didn't manage to become a bad trip

Lol sorry if I'm not making sence, I never really do
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