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the easier it is to get guns the more people will get them and the more they will be used and gun crime will increase. if you have a gun it means you intention to use it. say for example you hear a noise downstairs in the nite, you get your gun stroll on down and fire at what you see. turns out to be a relative coming home late. people make stupid mistakes and do not have the relevant training to deal with a lethal weapon like that.

we have very strict gun laws here, like it would be virtually impossible for me to get one, simply because i dont need one and i wouldnt be allowed one unless i could prove i actually needed one.

we also have an unarmed police force (we do have an armed division though), and look at our gun problems? i am not afraid to walk down my town at nite afraid someone will attack me with a gun.

guns dont deter crime, it makes it worse.

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